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Perfact Coach: Fabiënne Kunkels

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“The courage to break with the ideal and learn to listen to your own truth.”

As a coach and management consultant, Fabiënne enjoys contributing to creating awareness in life, and learning to listen to your own truths.

By choosing to study HRM and Psychology, Fabiënne put the focus on what fascinates her most – people. And especially all the unique stories, mindsets and perspectives of all these different people.

Fabiënne has worked at the Royal Military Police and The Occupational Health and Safety Service, where she mainly dealt with HR, advising, coaching and (absence) counselling. In doing so, she dealt with all kinds of layers in different organisations, from employees on the shop floor to management. Here too, she helped many people with self-development, including increasing their capacity. Seeing people grow gives her great satisfaction.

As a coach, Fabienne not only focuses on the development of the individual, but also that of the team and the organisation. Her curiosity about and passion for developing people come in handy in this role. She brings awareness and inspiration not only at work, but also on a personal level. According to her, this contributes to a happy, healthy and meaningful life. She believes helping people take control of their own lives is a real investment in yourself. Fabiënne wishes everyone a chance to work on their self-development.