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“It is what it is. But, nothing is what it seems.”

“I get energy when I see the development of an individual, team or organization and am allowed to contribute to further professionalization, awareness and awareness, in the broadest sense of the word”.

Since 1994, Jean has guided organisations, teams and individuals to create a culture where added value is built together for the organisation and its customers. He has extensive experience in almost all sectors and industries, with a focus on the private sector. He connects people and inspires them to excel on the basis of personal leadership and awareness.
Jean distinguishes himself because he quickly gets to the bottom of things and dares to name behaviour on both an organisational and personal level. In this way he teaches people to get a grip on their own lives and make them aware of their impact on their environment. Characteristic for his approach are: to meet, to discover and to develop and to connect these with thinking, feeling and acting.

His working method is based on mutual respect, trust and frankness. This results in a deep relationship in (personal) coaching, team coaching, executive search, management consultancy and career-management activities. Throughout the entire process, Jean is available and available 24/7.

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