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Perfact Coach: Karina Peters-Jeurissen

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“Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But, often that way is different from what was thought.”

“I am always curious about people and organizations and find my challenge in developing awareness and responsibility focused on effective behavior and results”.

Since 1992, Karina has built a career in the public sector, from policy officer to general director/municipal secretary. In addition to her work as a coach, she advises directors and boards of directors and fulfils a role as executive search consultant within the government.

Karina looks critically at the development and goals of individuals and teams. Essential in this is how the past is closed, a new course is charted and energy is created for the future. With her empathic ability she offers a safe environment in which to experiment with new behaviour in order to broaden culture and consciousness. In this way, people are given the space to develop themselves and to make full use of their potential. Characteristic for her approach are: to meet, to discover and to develop and to connect these with thinking, feeling and acting.

Karina is a specialist in personal coaching, team coaching, executive search, management consultancy and care management activities, with a focus on the public sector. In addition, she enjoys working with clients on the development of their strategy and organisation. Karina is available and available 24/7 throughout the entire process.


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