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We are Perfact, Make the Difference.

We know our responsibilities. We help our customers so that they can serve their customers better. We work together to develop distinctive products and services in the most responsible way. Ultimately, everything revolves around people and their environment. We are careful about that. We put a safe work situation first and pursue a Zero Incidents policy.

We achieve this together, in a pleasant family environment where space for personal development is paramount. We are averse to rules, because we believe that thinking in cubicles limits us in finding solutions. We are convinced that breaking through this gives new insights. Insights that increase our knowledge and take us and our customers further.

We see our world as a challenge, with opportunities and possibilities. We offer added value by sharing knowledge and by continuously challenging and developing ourselves. We are open to ideas and opinions. We research, develop and adjust.


We want to be identified by our customers as the knowledge partner that adds value in increasing effectiveness and efficiency, realizing a larger work package and optimizing performance. We do this by appropriately deploying the right people, resources and methods, but above all by paying attention to their continuous development. As a result, we remain progressive and innovative, which results in maximum relief and trust. Not only for customers in the petrochemical industry, where we are based, but also for customers in other sectors.

We are seen as the best employer. An employer that pays attention to the individual, that offers a challenging work package and offers employees the opportunity to get the best out of themselves with plenty of room for development and individual ambitions. We make employees fit for purpose, put them to work and contribute to a lot of job satisfaction. To make employees fit for purpose, our knowledge carriers and experience experts contribute to the development and guidance of employees by sharing knowledge and experience.

Our training / courses and work processes are recognized by both customers and employees as the best, and further developed by employees as needed.

The professional character with Perfact Group’s familiar culture, in which our core values are central, promotes the working atmosphere and customer relations.

How can we make the difference for your organization?

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Coppe Sturmans



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