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With our LEAN Awareness training, you can get acquainted with Lean for the first time. It gives a general introduction to Lean thinking, Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control). Participants of this training will learn how to work on daily improvements using certain techniques to continuously improve the organisation in which they work.

The training can be followed by all levels within an organisation. This training is also part of our LEAN Foundation – Yellow Belt training and LEAN Management training. It forms a good basis and transition to the next level in the Lean training program.

Learning Objectives

The LEAN Awareness – Problem Solving training teaches you to apply certain thinking and techniques to solve everyday problems within organisations.
At the end of the training you should be able to:

  • Learn the basic principles/fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma;
  • Understand the difference between Lean and Six Sigma;
  • Apply DMAIC and common tools to solve daily problems;
  • Facilitate the Problem Solving process for your identified problem (with coaching);
  • Know how to start when a problem is identified.


Solving problems

Lean Six Sigma focuses on mapping processes and using proven methodologies to sustainably improve organisations.

Continuous improvement

By following a training you can learn how to apply techniques in a structured way to solve daily problems.

LCS accredited

All our Lean training courses are accredited by the leading institute LCS.

For who?

The LEAN Awareness – Problem Solving training is an introductory course for anyone who is interested in lean thinking and wants to know how problems can be solved within their organisation. This course is ideal for any employee of an organisation who will be involved in day-to-day improvement.

Training overview:

  • Hands-on classroom training;
  • Accreditation level: LCS-1a;
  • Course duration: 1 day (8 hours);
  • No prerequisite;
  • Theoretical exam.

Training Model & Course Length

The training is a hands-on classroom training given by a certified Master Black Belt. The Lean Awareness – Problem Solving training is a 1-day classroom training.

Perfact LEAN Academy

  • Our Lean Training Programme is accredited by the leading accreditation body LCS (Lean Compentency System).
  • All elements of our training system are aligned with the LCS principles of Lean Thinking and appropriately designed to support a systematic approach to continuous improvement.
  • We are able to share our Lean knowledge and thinking in such a way that everyone is able to create a continuous improvement work environment using a particular method.
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