Career Management

From career guidance to outplacement

Everyone comes to a point in their working life where you wonder if what you do still fits in with what you really think is important. Does your work still offer enough challenges? Match it with your talents. Does your work still energize you? The Perfact Coaches will help you find the answers to your questions about work or career direction.

With Perfact Career Management, you take matters into your own hands again. You’ll receive personal guidance. Fully tailored to your situation, wishes and possibilities. We help you (re-)discover what really drives you, what your values and wishes are and what you have to offer. We will then look at which work environment is best suited to this.

Career management ensures that you get a clear picture of your talents, qualities, ambitions and employability. In this way you can move forward and make a difference, for yourself and for others.

Our coaches deliver 100% customization and make use of the extensive Perfact network.

Perfact Career Management supports and assists with, among other things:

  • Practical questions, such as clarifying talents, in the form of a career scan, for example.
  • Choosing a profession or study and mapping out your next career step
  • Drawing up a CV, motivation letter and preparation of network interviews
  • Obstacles, such as dismissal, reintegration 2nd track, stress, lethargy, burn-out, conflicts with colleagues or executives
  • Determining the course of action: reflecting on the past and determining the career course towards the future by means of a thorough course research.
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Karina Peters-Jeurissen Senior Transformation Coach and Management Consultant