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Perfact Life, Personal and Professional Coaching increases your grip on your own thinking, feeling and acting and enables you to set and achieve goals. A tailor-made coaching programme increases personal effectiveness. With attention for those points in which you want to develop yourself further.

Our coaches help you to tap into your strengths and gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses, your own style and to name your added value.

Life consists of highs and lows. At times when you lose your direction for a moment, doubt your internal compass or want to further develop your potential, a coach helps you to get on the right track. We support both in the area of in-depth life questions (Life-Coaching) and career issues (Personal/Professional Coaching).

We use proven coaching techniques in combination with unconventional working methods, such as energetic, systemic and even spiritual techniques. With full attention to your inner drive, energy and system. This deeper layer is interesting for business, private, individual or group development. We develop your potential and qualities that you may not yet know enough about and bring out the best version of you.
Perfact’s coaches offer a powerful coaching combination, with the right balance of business and intuition.

How do we proceed?

It’s all about trust. That’s why we always start with a no-obligation click interview. To get to know each other and to get more insight in the expectations. An important success factor is the will to change and to open up. You do not have to prepare for the click interview. We ask you to clarify your most essential question.
In the course of the process, you will be given (custom) assignments to prepare for the next session, in mutual consultation. Throughout the entire process, we are available and available to you 24/7. This is how we make the difference for you.

We coach you in the area of:

  • Recognising (communication) patterns and giving them positive direction
  • Professionalization of appearance and body language
  • Setting boundaries
  • Profiling and standing up for yourself
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Dealing with stressful situations
  • Finding a healthy balance between control and delegation
  • Integrate time management into daily operations
  • Drawing up a personal development plan
  • Gaining insight into and developing competencies
  • Reintegration after sick leave
  • Inspiration in work and collaboration

Within the above mentioned issues we support a.o. in the field of:

Vitality – work-life balance – self-confidence/failure – demotion – communication – cooperation – burn-out complaints – HSP/ADHD/ADD – leadership – trauma management – inner peace – grief processing – conflict management – assertiveness – choices and decisions – breaking patterns – setting boundaries – dealing with changes – creative thinking and acting – growth opportunities – awareness and awareness – stress and tension (related complaints) – personal leadership/effectiveness – self-motivation

More info?

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Karina Peters-Jeurissen Senior Transformation Coach and Management Consultant