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The success of an organisation, company or institution starts with inspiring leadership. Leadership with vision and connecting qualities. The bar is high, but where can you find the right person for the job? Perfact Executive Search makes the difference.

To find the right executive, we make your organisation our own. We immerse ourselves in your ambitions and specific goals, dive into your corporate culture and analyse dynamics. On the basis of thorough research into your organisation, we compile a profile together with you.

We are convinced that the right person is more than just an accurate curriculum. When we are looking for inspiring leaders, we select on the basis of personality, empathic ability, the right motives… Competencies are just as essential as the energy and ambition level. The latter often form the basis for success.

This is only possible with professional passionate people with knowledge, skills and true involvement. We believe in the talent and drive of man as a source of success. Our many years of experience with all facets of Coaching & Management Consultancy means that we look further and select candidates who really want to and can make a difference.

Potential assessment and development

Our consultants advise and assist in the field of:

  • Analysing personal qualities and points of attention and formulating personal tips and recommendations based on these and incorporating them into a personal report
  • Implementation of recruitment and selection processes
  • Introduction and/or further development of result-oriented coaching as a managerial style in the organisation
  • Group assessments to identify potential within the team and formulate recommendations on the subject
  • Organizational scans to identify the potential within the organization and formulate recommendations.
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Jean Peters Senior Transformation Coach and Management Consultant