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Our world is constantly changing. Standing still is regression. Whether it’s customer expectations or changing regulations, companies, organizations and institutions need to continuously improve. For example, there may be a need for new forms of collaboration, reorganisation, optimising processes, implementing a new strategy and/or cultural and behavioural change.

Continuous improvement processes require a sustainable strategic approach. We investigate whether the current structure still fits the desired strategy. In close cooperation with the client, we determine the context in which people can rely on our expertise and sector knowledge. We help you make the right choices and add value during the process by sharing our knowledge. This is how we make the difference.

Major changes in an organisation’s environment can be reason to examine the basic principles of the organisation. Such as technological innovations that generate different business models, new entrants that shift market conditions, new laws and regulations that define a different playing field, a change of ownership or structural shortages in the field of personnel, raw materials, operating assets, etc.

Perfact Management Consultancy supports you in making the right choices. We do this in the role of advisor, programme manager, interim manager or executive coach. Our focus is on the role that your human capital plays in the desired transition. Our consultants have extensive experience in supervising change processes in various sectors and provide expert advice on the development and change of your organisation (units).

We support, among other things:

  • Increasing customer and result orientation based on entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Accompanying structural and cultural changes
  • Implementation of new strategies and policies
  • Leadership development, on the job (ad interim)
  • Strengthening cooperation between and within different organisational units
  • Understanding and breaking patterns in change processes
  • Merger and integration assistance
  • Supporting managers and employees of companies, organisations and institutions in the sustainable design of continuous improvement processes.
  • Supervision of managers in the management of change processes
  • Organisation of creative work sessions in which the creation and implementation of the desired changes are discussed in more depth.
  • Organisation of boardroom meetings in which, based on agile, lean and scrum working methods, the architecture and plan of action for the changes are central.
  • Setting up learning trajectories in which managers and employees develop new behaviour in order to achieve the desired changes in a sustainable manner.
  • Carrying out ‘quick scans’ (including, for example, questionnaire research, analysis of relevant documents, collaboration scans and interviews with key figures).
  • Supporting managers and teams in handling and dealing with resistance and conflicts
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