Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Tasks and activities must be organised as efficiently as possible. Algorithms can perform predictive and repetitive tasks better than humans. We call this a ‘self-tuning-enterprise’. Smart algorithms analyze the world around the company and prevent problems before they occur. But how do you develop an algorithmically driven organization?

Perfact Process Control is the specialist for correctly interpreting and applying the available data and information in the mix of production, automation and human performance development. We combine Lean Six Sigma and data analysis with process development, product development, organizational development and personnel development. By collecting and linking specific data, you will be able to identify deviations and perform predictive analyses yourself in the future, making further development into predictive maintenance possible.

Perfact Process Control helps you get the most out of your data. Regardless of the source, format or how extreme the challenge may be. Our data experts ensure that this data is quickly converted into information that can be used to increase knowledge. Knowledge that provides new insights and can result in better decisions. The interaction with the customer organization strengthens a supported and sustainable way of thinking about both current and future data and data analysis.

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