Predictive maintenance

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“If only we had known earlier…”. Damage, product rejection, energy loss and plant downtime are all things that fall into the ‘prevention is better than cure’ category.  Using predictive maintenance, you know what is coming, and are able to significantly reduce the chances of something going wrong.

Crystal balls that predict the future don’t exist, unfortunately. To foresee events in the future anyway, we work with internally developed algorithms. By collecting, combining and extrapolating the right data, you can identify certain patterns that help you anticipate problems that might arise in the short or long term.

Predictive maintenance with JOIN

Together with our partner Yokogawa, we have developed JOIN. This is a concept in which consultancy, knowledge and the latest technologies come together to provide a clear overview of your (work) processes and assets. This concept is end-to-end, so you as an organisation are included from the first kick-off until the end results. JOIN uses a wide range of techniques, including machine learning to monitor or predict assets.

Connect, predict and accelerate

JOIN consists of three principles: connect, predict and accelerate. To begin with, we search for the connection between business needs, people, processes and the latest technologies. Our approach focuses on perpetuating, enriching and standardising all relevant data from a wide range of sources. The JOIN dashboard then makes everything insightful, understandable and usable – this enables us to make valid predictions (predict).

When everything is set up properly, you will see that operational processes become increasingly transparent and you become more responsive to risks and incidents. Based on the data collected, the system can make predictions in order to react preventively, providing a great strategic advantage for the business. This way, you are not only able to predict problems and plan necessary maintenance, but you can also accelerate and proactively improve your business processes.

Portable Living Lab

To demonstrate all possibilities in a quick and easy way, we have created a so-called Portable Living Lab in cooperation with Yokogawa. This mini factory uses IIoT sensors and measures more than 70 real-time signals at a time. During the demonstration, we simulate failures so that you can see how the system reacts to them and what it then does with that data. The system can recognise more than 20 fault mechanisms and issues an alert via an automated email or SMS message.

Interested in planning a demonstration with our portable living lab at your location? Make an appointment with one of our consultants.