JOIN Connect – Predict – Accelerate

Improve the performance of your plant with IIoT & Predictive Analytics

Perfact offers a total solution within the field of Asset Performance Management 4.0. Together with our knowledge partner Yokogawa we have developed JOIN.
JOIN is an end-to-end concept in which consultancy, knowledge and the latest technologies come together to give you a clear and up-to-date insight into your (work) processes and the state of your assets. JOIN is an essential part of the so-called ‘smart factory’, resulting in an increase in safety, technical reliability, performance, quality and durability.

JOIN contains three pillars: Connect – Predict – Accelerate.


Connection is central to Industry 4.0. JOIN offers the possibility to complete the circle for business processes. Our consultants advise you on the basis of data and in-depth knowledge of process improvement. We connect business needs, people, processes and the latest technologies. Our approach is aimed at perpetuating, enriching and standardizing all relevant data from a wide range of sources. Through the JOIN dashboard, everything is made clear, understandable and usable.

In order to achieve the desired result, we can create a roadmap for your plant, in which strategy, change management, team building and technology come together.
In our approach we focus on:


People make the difference. Perfact consultants create urgency and awareness among your employees and ensure that first pilots or follow-up projects are successfully integrated into your environment.


We analyse (work) processes and interpret the available data to initiate changes and perpetuate their effects.


The latest technologies in the field of IIoT, analytics and cloud functionality process the available data which is made transparent via our JOIN dashboard.
Using predictive models, you can monitor assets or processes in real time. A cloud platform ensures a safe, simple and cost-effective implementation.


Prevention is better than cure. Damage, product rejection, energy loss and plant failure can easily be prevented with JOIN. Internally developed algorithms translate data into predictive information. JOIN uses a wide range of techniques from simple limit values to advanced machine learning to monitor or predict assets, from anomaly detection to prescriptive.

Adding intelligence to assets and processes

The JOIN platform combines expert knowledge of machines and processes with data science in a scalable way. Internally developed algorithms translate data into actual or predictive information.

Rules engine

In many cases, alarm values on limit values or statistical process control (SPC) are sufficient to detect deviations. Only if this does not work sufficiently, will more complex techniques be used.
The advantage of this technique is that it is easy to interpret by professionals who have to work with it.

Anomaly detection

Another technique is monitoring for abnormalities. This can be applied to single signals or multivariable (multiple signals). The strength of this is that it can ‘look’ very accurately in many dimensions at the same time.
The advantage of this technique is that we do not need historical failure data and can be set up quite easily.

Prescriptive analysis

This analysis technique makes it possible to see what and why something is going on.
We make a so-called ‘finger print’ of the problem that one wants to detect. If this problem occurs again, the algorithm knows with a certain certainty (probability score) that it is already that specific problem. As a result, one immediately knows what and why something is going on.
The advantage of this technique is that one can directly link an automated action to it, such as a work order.


JOIN strengthens your organization with proactive dashboard and system alerts.
Our consultants guide your organization in the transition to the implementation of real-time monitoring and a new predictive strategy.

Operational processes become more transparent and you can react faster to risks and incidents. All data is stored in a central location, which offers new management possibilities. Thanks to JOIN’s real-time analysis, decisions can be made faster than ever before. Based on the collected data, the system is able to make predictions in order to react preventively, which is a major strategic advantage for the business. Both the connectivity and the IIoT platform are scalable. This way you can speed up and proactively improve your business process.


With the help of a scan and pilots we can create urgency and awareness in your company and develop an appropriate strategy.
The next step is to integrate the chosen technologies into the daily processes of the company.

Scaling up

In a digital transition, it is important to think carefully about scaling up. The components of JOIN are scalable:

  • IIoT connectivity and sensors
  • Algorithms
  • Dashboards.

The next step is to align and integrate with existing business processes and the overall (master) data management.

Added value by JOIN:

  • Creating support by managing behavioural change and team building from the beginning of the process and in line with the company’s Industry 4.0 maturity.
  • Monitoring and 24/7 service and redefining the maintenance strategy
  • Accessible dashboard and user-friendly system notifications
  • Add value to your business by being proactive.

Portable Living Lab

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This mini factory enables us to acquire knowledge, demonstrate and innovate and is a collaboration between Perfact and Yokogawa.
Within this mini factory we demonstrate in real time all the possibilities of JOIN, such as monitoring simple alarm values to complex machine learning. The mini factory uses IIoT sensors and measures more than 70 real-time signals. During the demonstration faults are simulated. The system can recognize more than 20 fault mechanisms and gives a warning via an automated email or SMS message.
In the future, this plant will also be available completely digitally.

Make an appointment with one of our consultants for an on-site demonstration.