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Proper work preparation improves the operating result! Due to the increasing work, cost and time pressure, the role of work preparation is a demanding and responsible one. Proper work preparation prevents high costs in the follow-up process and is a critical step in the safe execution of the work. Work preparation, also known as planning, therefore occupies an important place in the company.

Perfact group strives for planning excellence through the optimal deployment of human resources and methods. Responding adequately to deviations and striking the right balance between making your own decisions and consulting with the project leader or manager contribute to relieving our customers of their worries.

Whether you are dealing with a small, location-specific project or a TurnAround with a company-wide reach, Perfact, as an experienced project management partner, can help organisations deliver the preparation within time and budget.

On average, a TurnAround preparation starts between 3 and 6 years prior to execution. During this planning phase, all work is prepared to the last detail.
A common mistake is to simply classify TurnAround as “other projects”. It is true that they have many things in common with projects, but the nature of the repair work makes it distinctive.

Despite the significant improvement in equipment condition prediction techniques, that element of uncertainty remains when the equipment is opened and cleaned for inspection.

Another difference is that the execution of the TurnAround is more concentrated than, for example, construction projects. As a result, it has its own challenges to make immediate decisions based on the recently discovered condition of the equipment. Where in the period prior to the TurnAround there is time to make detailed decisions, during the execution period quick and adequate action must be taken to adjust the last-minute preparation.

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