A TurnAround, (TA) or (TAR), is an extremely capital-intensive intervention in a plant or refinery where a section or entire plant is taken out of operation for inspection and maintenance.

It goes without saying that the costs not only include the necessary people and resources, but also the large turnover losses due to loss of production. During TurnArounds, more unexpected deviations often occur than previously expected. This makes it extremely challenging to stay on schedule and requires very experienced managers (TurnAround managers).

TurnArounds that are not delivered according to schedule can have far-reaching consequences.

Perfact helps industry clients maximize the return on their TurnAround in accordance with pre-defined goals. From initiation to closing, our professionals can make the difference in all areas of expertise within the TurnAround organization.

The success of a TurnAround (TA) is determined by the completeness and quality of the preparation process. In order to guarantee a correct and complete execution, we use multiple audits, checks, and verifications during the TurnAround cycle. Our critical eye reduces rework, and ensures a balance in time, costs and results.
Our TurnAround specialists can make the difference:

  • Turnaround management
  • Turnaround coordination
  • Turnaround scoping
  • Turnaround planning & preparation
  • Turnaround scheduling
  • Turnaround procurement
  • Turnaround cost management
  • Turnaround execution verification
  • Turnaround HSEQ management & coordination
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