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Our people make the difference

Perfact realises optimisation at various companies in various sectors with a focus on technology, organisation and processes. Skilled personnel is crucial, but also scarce. Perfact Match recruits and selects higher educated specialists for temporary and permanent solutions. We offer a qualitative answer to every question.

The employees that Perfact Match selects for you are characterised by a professional, positively critical and customer-oriented attitude. Result oriented with a hands-on mentality they share their knowledge and experiences with your organization.

As Perfact Match, we proactively guide the employees seconded to you. We keep our finger on the pulse and adjust where necessary. In the event of a changing demand on your part, we offer appropriate solutions from our various areas of expertise within our organization. Our people make the difference.

How can we make the difference for your organization?

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Coppe Sturmans Director

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Why Perfact?

  • Latest insights
  • Customer is taken care of
  • We share our knowledge
  • We do things differently
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