Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a worldwide proven methodology for sustainable and demonstrable improvement of processes and organisations. It offers an approach that enables organisations to achieve concrete results in a structured manner by using certain methods in order to be able to improve themselves continuously. This is why more and more organisations are moving from a ‘traditional’ to a ‘Lean’ organisational structure.

As a knowledge organisation, we are specialised in optimising processes and employees. We go one step further and make the difference by linking Lean Six Sigma and data analysis to process, product, organisation and employee development. By collecting and connecting targeted data, we can identify deviations and even perform predictive analyses.

Solving problems

When organisational processes need improvement, Lean Six Sigma offers a fundamental toolset to implement this improvement. In addition, Lean Six Sigma is a crucial element in building a culture of continuous improvement.

With Lean, we focus on eliminating processes that do not add any value (waste) in order to allow systems to flow efficiently. With Six Sigma, we use statistical tools to find the root of the problem and identify how it can be improved. Both Lean and Six Sigma use DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control), a standard scientific thinking method, to solve problems. By using both Lean and Six Sigma, we can sustainably improve business performance.

Perfact Lean Academy

In addition to using Lean Six Sigma to structurally improve the processes of our clients, we also train people at our Perfact LEAN Academy.

We find it important to invest in the knowledge development of our own employees, so every employee is given the opportunity to follow at least the Lean Awareness Training. But we also train individuals or teams within organisations. In this way, improvement processes can be continued sustainably and employees make a substantial contribution to a continuous improvement culture with their acquired knowledge.

Training courses which we offer:

All our courses are LCS accredited and include a practical assignment in addition to the theory. The consultancy component is an important and unique advantage within our training courses. This means that on-site guidance and coaching is given to Lean projects in practice.

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