Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a globally proven methodology for the sustainable and demonstrable improvement of processes and organizations. It offers an approach with which organisations can achieve concrete results with continuous improvement in a structured manner via DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve, Control).

We go a step further and connect Lean Six Sigma and data analysis with process development, product development, organizational development and employee development. By collecting and connecting data in a targeted way, we can identify deviations and even perform predictive analyses to make the difference.

Why Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Sigma provides the fundamental toolset for problem solving and is a crucial element in building a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Lean focusses on eliminating non-value-adding processes in order to allow systems to flow efficiently;
  • Six Sigma uses statistical tools to find the root cause of problems and identify how to improve them;
  • Both Lean and Six Sigma use DMAIC, a standard method for scientific thinking, to solve problems;
  • We use Lean and Six Sigma together to improve business performance.


  1. Dates and facts
    Lean Six Sigma is based on data and facts, on which customer satisfaction (formed by speed and the right quality) and process improvement (formed by process control and prevention of defects and variation) are central. Team efficiency ensures that everything works together in a smooth and effective way.
  2. Customer satisfaction (Quality – Speed)
    Lean Six Sigma starts with the customer and the goal is clear: to remove anything that does not meet the customer’s needs. This means that what the customer requires from the organization is delivered on time (speed), without errors (high quality) and all this at the lowest possible price (low cost).
  3. Process improvement (Variation & Defects – Process Flow)
    Improving the process is the only way to achieve better results. By keeping track of the way the work is done, investigating work flows between people and between workstations and providing knowledge and methods to the employees so that they can constantly improve their work, the Lean Six Sigma improvement approach is paramount.

Perfact Lean Academy

We train, coach and develop our own employees on Lean expertises and Belt levels. We do this in our Perfact Training Centre (in-house). The focus is on learning to think both practically and statistically within the organisation. We base the training on the DMAIC method for solving problems.

We offer the following training courses:

Perfact Training Centre & Mobile Academy

We give these trainings in our Perfact training centre (in-house). It is also possible to provide these training courses externally to customers (on-site) using our Mobile Academy options.

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