Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is aimed at bringing the reliability of our clients’ services and products to the highest possible level. Right the first time, on time and at an excellent price. Operational Excellence also often leads to cost savings and efficiency improvements. We are convinced that reliability is achieved by focusing on customer value and on ‘behaviour that leads to business success’.

To improve reliability and the level of asset maintenance, Perfact offers an outside-in view based on insights and analysis. Starting with the identification of ‘high-impact, high-value’ opportunities, we work in a connecting way with our customers’ organisations. In doing so, we transform data into knowledge. Complemented with the right expertise, we enable our clients to maximize asset availability through optimal business models and processes.

Achieving Operational Excellence requires a balance between two basic critical components in a company: The asset and the business organization. Only an efficiently operating, decisive organization is able to use its assets optimally in order to achieve the desired result. If the company assets are insufficiently suitable for the function, then these organizations will not reach their full strength.

Perfact has in-depth experience in various sectors in order to determine this balance and compare it with the actual situation. We combine lean six sigma expertise with sector-specific expertise. In this way, process and performance optimisations are identified and followed up with a plan of action. Work processes are visualized in which complexity concentrations are highlighted and simulated.

Perfact supports from advice to implementation. We also offer the possibility of long-term support for the departments involved during project (change) and operational phases.

Vision & Strategy

Our vision

Enable everyone to apply a disciplined methodology every day, deeply rooted in a culture of continuous improvement to achieve business strategies.

Our strategy

The building blocks of our Operational Excellence business are based on the 4P model. Here we create a working environment in which continuous improvement is central.


Operational Excellence is based on our long-term vision and way of thinking in which we create a working environment where a culture of continuous improvement is embedded in the way we work.

Process: Stabilize-Transform-Connect

We believe in value creation based on the principles of Lean and Six Sigma by applying the DMAIC method.

People & Partners

To effectively integrate change into your organisation, Perfact supports you in defining the right strategy for your process based on new goals.

Problem Solving

To improve value for our customers, we encourage teams to solve problems as part of their daily work (everyone, solving problems every day).


Maturity Model

Stabilize > Transform > Connect

With our High Maturity Transformation model, we first stabilize the processes (Stabilize) and then transform them to a higher level by implementing High Maturity Models (Transform). We connect the processes to each other (Connect) to create a continuous flow of value adding processes (Value Stream Connection).


We optimize unstable ad-hoc processes and improve process output using the principles of Lean (Six) Sigma and DMAIC.


We transform stable processes to a higher level (High Maturity) and involve employees in setting up a systematised continuous improvement culture within their organisation.


We connect (internal) processes in order to achieve improved and more efficient turnaround times, with greater impact on process output and customer satisfaction. Employees are actively involved in process changes.

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