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Safety Management Consultancy

Perfact combines in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Safety Management with standard and process requirements for both R&D organisations and manufacturers. Our consultants are made available on a project basis, carry out specific work packages and supervise certification processes. It is our task to keep time to market as short as possible for our clients. That’s how we make a difference.

Reducing risk, limiting impact

Functional Safety identifies potentially dangerous situations or events that can lead to accidents with direct consequences for people, the environment and finances. Preventive or corrective actions are taken to prevent unwanted and unforeseen situations or to limit their impact. By means of Functional Safety, the risk is reduced to an acceptable level according to the applicable standards.

Functional Safety is achieved by implementing an active safety system. This system is designed to achieve the highest achievable level of safety so that human, environmental and financial losses can be avoided. Our consultants advise on targeted solutions and support you in implementing the necessary functional applications. Our working method is based on knowledge transfer. Perfact offers a range of courses and workshops for our clients’ employees.

ISO 26262 standard

The automotive industry is evolving towards a future with autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport systems. With this, most innovations will take place in the electrical and electronic (E/E) system of vehicles. This complex area leads to exposure to functional safety risks. ISO 26262 is designed for the specific risk image of the automotive industry. The standard ensures the design and construction of functionally safe vehicles and efficient safety management through the supply chain.

Sectors where we apply Safety Management Consultancy

From system design to safety case

The ISO 26262 standard ‘Road vehicles – Functional safety’ is intended to ensure the functional safety of a system with electrical/electronic components in vehicles. This ISO standard places considerable demands on the development and production of safety-relevant systems: ISO 26262 defines processes, the processes to be
adapt methods and the required work products such as tests and documentation. Hazard and Risk Analysis (HARA) identifies hazards at system, hardware and software level and classifies them according to ASIL. The functional and technical safety requirements are described below and assigned to the respective components. With ISO 26262-compliant methods such as FMEA, FMEDA and FTA, qualitative and quantitative safety analyses are carried out.


ISO 26262 defines processes, methods and documentation to ensure safety compliant E/E systems. Checks and tests ensure that the work products meet the safety requirements. A safety case report ensuring a sufficient and acceptable level of safety shall be provided both at the end and during development.

Perfact supports the entire safety process, from system design to safety case.

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