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Now that there is a high demand for well-trained professionals, your decision often depends on a single, decisive argument. For most employees of Perfact, that was the appealing corporate culture: open, involved and challenging headstrong. And because our corporate culture is firmly anchored in the company, you will continue to benefit from it.



  • All locations
  • Belgium
  • Duitsland
  • The Netherlands
Cost Controller – Mol

Mol, Belgium

Ontwerper/tekenaar Piping & Mechanical – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Elektrisch Tekenaar/Ontwerper – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Mechanisch projectingenieur – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Mechanisch werkvoorbereider – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Werfopvolger Elektrisch – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Werkvoorbereider Elektrisch – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Werfopvolger mechanica/piping – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Mechanisch tekenaar/ontwerper – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Projecttechnieker elektriciteit – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Technisch Administratief Medewerker – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Tendermanager – Antwerpen

Antwerpen, Belgium

Lead Cost Engineer – Antwerpen and Madrid

Antwerpen and Madrid, Belgium

Project Manager Construction – Brussel

Brussel, Belgium

Project Engineer E&I – Mol

Mol, Belgium

Projectmanager – Sittard

Sittard, The Netherlands

Werkvoorbereider E/I – Roermond

Roermond, The Netherlands

Facility Coördinator – Roermond

Roermond, The Netherlands

Mechanical Engineer – Kerkrade

Kerkrade, The Netherlands

Civil Supervisor – Zwijndrecht

Zwijndrecht, Belgium

Werkvoorbereider – Geleen, Nederland

Geleen, Nederland, The Netherlands

Mechanical Process Project Engineer – Mol

Mol, Belgium

Coördinator/Toezichter aanleg nutsleidingen – Brugge

Brugge, Belgium

Construction Supervisor – Bergen Op Zoom

Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands

Werkvoorbereider Maintenance – Bergen Op Zoom

Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands

Projectingenieur Elektrisch – Gent

Gent, Belgium

Maintenance Engineer Rotating – Randstad

Randstad, The Netherlands

Maintenance Engineer Utilities – Randstad

Randstad, The Netherlands

Ingenieur automatisatie – Dessel

Dessel, Belgium

Technisch Administratief Bediende – Brussel

Brussel, Belgium

Junior Werkvoorbereider – Randstad West

Randstad West, The Netherlands

Scheduler – Randstad

Randstad, The Netherlands

Administratief Medewerker – Hasselt

Hasselt, Belgium

Project Control Engineer – Geleen, Nederland

Geleen, Nederland,

HSE Supervisor – Beveren

Beveren, Belgium

Senior – Schweißfachmann-/Techniker “CIVIL” (m/w/d) – Köln

Köln, Duitsland

Kaufmännisches Organisationstalent für ein renommiertes Petrochemieunternehmen (m/w/d) – Grevenbroich

Grevenbroich, Duitsland

Auftragskoordinator Rohrleitungs-/Apparatebau (m/w/d) – Köln

Köln, Duitsland

Terminplaner / Shutdown Sheduler Petrochemie (m/w/d) – Köln

Köln, Duitsland

Construction Supervisor Civil – Antwerpen

Antwerpen, Belgium

Work hard, play hard

Where there is hard work, there must also be time for the necessary relaxation and fun. That is important to us.

Training & traineeships

Our internal training courses are 100% practice-oriented and based on current knowledge and methodologies. From employees for employees.

Challenging work

The bar is high. We go to extremes for our customers and colleagues. Do you like challenging work, every day? Then you've come to the right place.

Make work of your career

Enterprising employees. That’s what we like.
We’re here for you.



Perfact Academy

Improve your knowledge level at Perfact Academy

Thorough prior education and extensive work experience ensures that people can carry out their jobs. The right motivation and up-to-date training and further education ensure that the level of knowledge is further improved.

Perfact Academy

Will you be my new colleague?


I really like the enthusiasm and commitment from Perfact towards the employee. I like the fact that something is organised more often and that there is an opportunity to have a drink every Friday at Abshoven. The atmosphere is just great; even with Perfact colleagues I've never worked with before, the contact is just great. You can see that at our Christmas drink, for example.

The fact that the wishes and ambitions of employees are taken into account was confirmation for me that I am working for the right employer. I also like the balance between hard work and having fun!

Carlos Waltje Maintenance Field Planner Repairables
Patrick Beuken Scheduling Consultant