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We’re considered the best employer. An employer with attention for the individual, who offers a challenging work package and offers employees the opportunity to get the best out of themselves with plenty of room for development and individual ambitions. We make employees fit for purpose, put them to work and contribute to a lot of job satisfaction.
Our training / courses and work processes are recognized by both customers and employees as the best, and further developed by employees as needed.

Perfact is knowledge

Knowledge never stands still and is everywhere. We are always looking for new knowledge, different points of view and perspectives. We share our knowledge, because sharing is multiplying. That makes us better, as people and as organizations.

Perfact is development

Development is in our nature. We want to know how things can be done differently and better. In order to give this space, we use an open organizational structure. We challenge you to take initiatives and show ownership. We see making interesting mistakes as a way to move forward.

Perfact is change

We set changes in motion by never going for the standard short-term solution. Always one step ahead. We do this at all levels: business, strategic and human. That keeps us sharp and ensures that we are an inseparable part of our customers.

Perfact is a challenge

We like challenges because we believe they will take us further. We want to be the best, as a service provider of total solutions and as owner and shareer of knowledge..

Perfact is growth

Perfact wants to grow. Because growth gives us room to offer our people opportunities. We achieve growth for our customers by sharing and unburdening knowledge at a high level so that they can focus on their core business.

Perfact is together

Perfact likes to work together. We are a team in which everyone’s role is appreciated. We identify ourselves with our customers, immerse ourselves in their questions and realise solutions together. Working together with customers and colleagues promotes an open communication structure. That is important to us. We take our responsibility towards customers, colleagues and society.

Perfact Academy

Improve your knowledge level at Perfact Academy

Thorough prior education and extensive work experience ensures that people can carry out their jobs. The right motivation and up-to-date training and further education ensure that the level of knowledge is further improved.

Perfact Academy

Will you be my new colleague?


I really like the enthusiasm and commitment from Perfact towards the employee. I like the fact that something is organised more often and that there is an opportunity to have a drink every Friday at Abshoven. The atmosphere is just great; even with Perfact colleagues I've never worked with before, the contact is just great. You can see that at our Christmas drink, for example.

The fact that the wishes and ambitions of employees are taken into account was confirmation for me that I am working for the right employer. I also like the balance between hard work and having fun!

Carlos Waltje Maintenance Field Planner Repairables
Patrick Beuken Scheduling Consultant