Our story

At Perfact, we have been doing things in our own way ever since our company was founded. We achieve better plant performance for our customers in a world that consists of protocols, rules, and processes. However, we think that breaking those rules provides us with fresh insights that increase our knowledge and take our customers further. We see the world as a challenge, with opportunities and possibilities.

We want to be the best service provider in our field, and we do that by providing added value: we share our know-how, tackle problems at their roots, and focus on long-term solutions. Our job is to make life easier for our customers, so that they can focus fully on their core business.

Ultimately, everything centres on people and their working environment. We treat that with care. Our people are selected and trained with that end in mind, which is why we can guarantee the right people for the right job.


Perfact Group

Plant Performance Excellence

Perfact helps manufacturing companies to achieve optimum performance by utilizing our people, knowledge, and insight on a project to project basis. We focus on technology, organization, and processes, yet we keep the bigger picture firmly in sight. This approach allows us to provide our clients with specific, practical solutions while implementing large-scale improvements.

Perfact Balance

Our broad vision and approach help our clients to develop into market leaders, to take opportunities, to increase their sales and returns, and to perform optimally at the highest level. This can only be achieved if the technical state of the systems and the manner in which they are used are completely balanced.

Each situation is different and requires a specific approach, and so our working method is completely adjusted for each particular situation. We only apply the best methods in innovative ways to create the required balance.




Learning via the Perfact Academy

Learning via the Perfact Academy

The knowledge of all 120 employees together in one database. From this database are training courses offered in the areas of plant performance. Despite all technology is ultimately the role of men indispensable if you want plants running at peak performance. Knowledge sharing is therefore a core value of Perfact Group.

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