Managing complexity

Perfact Insight is the specialized organization and technology knowledge component for maintenance, asset utilization, production, and HSEQ.

Plant Performance Improvement

Perfact Insight helps production companies to achieve optimal performance. We focus on manufacturing, technology, and organization, and apply a broad vision to external factors. This allows us to provide our clients with specific and functional solutions while implementing large-scale changes.

Perfact Insight provides:

  • Diagnostics and analytics
  • License to operate guaranteed
  • Plant Performance Improvement, Lean Six Sigma 
  • Organizational Improvement (including organizational design, management systems, communication, working processes and templates)
  • Plant Improvement (improving technology using Root Cause Analysis, inspections, etc).



Perfact Insight

Following a thorough analysis, Perfact Insight advises you on a strategic and tactical level. In doing so, we share our knowledge openly and you can benefit from our versatile experience.



Learning via the Perfact Academy

Learning via the Perfact Academy

The knowledge of all 120 employees together in one database. From this database are training courses offered in the areas of plant performance. Despite all technology is ultimately the role of men indispensable if you want plants running at peak performance. Knowledge sharing is therefore a core value of Perfact Group.

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