Already prepared for the time after corona?

4 February 2021

We are still in the middle of it, but somewhere we all feel it: there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations have been deployed, stricter measures are effective and hopefully this will contribute to more freedom in our private lives but certainly also professionally. After all, months of working remotely, whether at home or with distance measures in place at work, have an impact on all of us…

We therefore ask ourselves, have you thought about preparing now for the time after the corona period when there is more freedom? Perhaps your team needs a boost because they have lost sight of each other? Or have you noticed, during this corona period, that something is structurally wrong within the team and do you want to tackle that? Do you want to increase the resilience of your employees? Or do you want to implement new working methods from your leadership position that fit in with the ‘new normal’?

We at Perfact, with our coaches, are ready to offer you the necessary expertise in preparation, execution and completion at any level in the organisation. Being prepared for the time after corona prevents unnecessary incident management.

Do we connect?

Everything revolves around trust. That’s why we always start with a free of charge consultation. To get to know each other, gain a better understanding of the expectations and to give advice. An important success factor is the willingness to enter into this openly and to get the best out of yourself as a manager and/or team. We will continue to ask questions in order to clarify your most essential question. If we connect and both of us agree, we will continue the process.

When it comes to team coaching, we have a lot of expertise and skills in house. We teach each individual in a team to identify (systemic) interaction patterns and to further develop or change them. The ultimate goal is to make the individual and the team grow further. We use specific techniques and methodologies for this, in which no single method or technique is leading. There is no fixed program, every team is different and therefore requires a different approach. We always provide customization.

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13 March 2023

The hard way with soft skills

At Perfact, we are always looking for ways to make the difference at our clients. Apart from knowledge and technology, we know from experience that people also play an equally large part in the process. Whereas numbers and technical data are often logical and constant, people are the exact opposite. Unpredictable and changeable; every person […]

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8 December 2022

Talent programme Municipality of Sittard-Geleen concludes with final hackathon

Recently, the talent group of municipality Sittard-Geleen concluded a series of hackathons with a grand finale in the Fortuna Sittard Stadium. Five participating primary schools were allowed to work on an idea to create more connection in the municipality. The talent team facilitated this through several hackathons. Last Wednesday was the final of those – […]

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25 October 2022

Talent development programme Municipality of Maastricht launched

From the Maastricht municipality, a group of selected talents have started the Talent Development Programme (TDP). The programme runs from 2022-2024 and is dedicated to ‘Together with pleasure for Maastricht’. The aim of this programme is to allow the talents to grow personally and to contribute to the organisational development of the Municipality of Maastricht. […]

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