23 January 2020

On 1 January 2020, Bas Mooij (39) started working full-time at Perfact Group as Operational Excellence Manager – Lean Sigma Master Black Belt. A short introduction:

What are you going to do at Perfact?

“Last year, I enthusiastically started developing Lean Six Sigma within our business Strategical & Tactical Consultancy. My focus is on achieving Operational Excellence by implementing and securing Lean Sigma knowledge. This is in line with Perfact’s vision of creating a work environment in which continuous improvement is embedded in our way of thinking and working. We want to achieve this by setting up a Lean Academy.

An important part of my duties is managing and coaching process optimisation projects at our customers. We are currently taking the first steps by rolling out our internal Lean Sigma training program. All Perfact employees are being trained on a thorough knowledge of Lean Six Sigma”.

What is your first impression of Perfact?

“I’m very excited. Perfact offers you the opportunity to work independently and show initiative. The informal setting within the company ensures short lines of communication. That is motivating and gives me the opportunity and energy to tackle things quickly. It allows me to play ball in a short space of time, that’s what I like about Perfact. And within Perfact there is a good balance between hard work and relaxation. All this in combination with the long-term vision and the ambition to be seen as a knowledge organisation motivates me to go to work every day with great pleasure”.

Where is your interest and what drives you?

“Everything aimed at the continuous improvement of the human being in a process has my interest. It is fascinating to see how everyone can see processes through different glasses. It motivates me to coach people on projects and to teach them process knowledge through trainings and workshops. I try to be the connecting factor and to inspire and motivate people to make small improvements every day and make a difference in process improvements on a larger scale”.

What did you do before?

“I have a background in various technical studies ranging from BioMedical Engineering to Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in process technology in the form of Industrial Engineering. I started my career in the Medical Device industry with a focus on optimizing production processes for stents, catheters and minimally invasive surgery. During my career at Medtronic I subsequently held various positions as Project / Program Manager in a Black Belt role. After spending some time in Switzerland working for Medtronic’s European facility, I then went on to work as Global Operational Excellence Lead in my current role as Master Black Belt. I have gained project experience in various countries with different company cultures. The focus was on process improvement in operational environments (manufacturing) as well as transactional environments (business processes). Furthermore I gained experience as a Lean Project Coach and Instructor (facilitator) for Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt trainings and facilitated several Kaizen workshops at home and abroad”.

How did you end up at Perfact?

“After working at Medtronic for about 10 years, I decided to take the next step in my career and take on new challenges. I get the chance to build up new expertise within Perfact. This is a great opportunity and a challenge and it is fully in line with my personal goals in building and creating a Continuous Improvement organisation”.


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