Fedor is Perfact


1 June 2021

On March 1, Fedor Kwerreveld started at Perfact as Business Development Manager. In this short time, he has already met, at an appropriate distance, many inspiring and enthusiastic colleagues. He would like to introduce himself in more detail and explain what he will focus on at Perfact.

“My first impression is very positive, there is a lot of enthusiasm and drive among the colleagues I have already met.

As Business Development Manager, I will focus on marketing Perfact’s total package of services. Perfact has many specialties, such as: Lean Six Sigma, Industry 4.0, project management, coaching, interim management, turnaround management and safety management. Distinctive about Perfact is, that we do not only look at the sum of the parts, but also at the integration of these parts, so that even more synergy can be achieved. Through our expertise in all specialisms we can help organisations with further optimisation processes, in which we analyse, optimise and implement.

I try to use my work experience to translate Perfact’s services to the market. I can gratefully use my acquired knowledge and work experience for this. At my previous employer I was responsible for, respectively, Sales & Marketing and expanding business relations at larger (inter)national organisations. In this capacity I also had to deal with changing needs from the market and offering special knowledge. This expertise was particularly in the security area.

Perfact’s range of services is larger, but there are also many parallels. Optimising the business operations of organisations through our integral approach of Knowledge, People and Technology often forms the added value for organisations. Although the world of most Perfact clients consists of protocols and methodologies, Perfact’s consultants apply their knowledge and experience out-of-the-box. It is notable that they are not accommodating consultants, but consultants with added value, they bring in their own wisdom. They make the difference by always looking for the question behind the question and they realise solutions for the long term.

In short, an inspiring environment with a beautiful energy of positively critical people where I feel very comfortable and in the right place”.


2 June 2022

Maria is Perfact

Our account team continues to grow. Also in Germany, where Maria Semenova has joined the team of Edwin de Jager and Christian Neumann as Business Support and Recruiter since 1 March. We would like to introduce her to you in more detail. Maria was 8 years old when she moved from Odessa, Ukraine to Germany. […]

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28 April 2022

Frank is Perfact

Optimising processes according to the Lean Six Sigma method is something we at Perfact are becoming increasingly familiar with. That is why, since February 1st, Frank van Laarhoven has joined the team as Black Belt specialist. We would like to introduce him to you in more detail: Frank has joined the ‘Perfact family’ as Project […]

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7 April 2022

New management for Perfact

Since 1 March 2022, the management team of Perfact Group has been at full strength again. Together with Coppe Sturmans, Fedor Kwerreveld forms the new general management team and they jointly lead the company. Confidence in the future Fedor started at Perfact about a year ago. He has come to know many parts of the […]

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