Industry 4.0 Awareness Training

1 February 2022

Take the first step towards a digital transformation. We have developed an Industry 4.0 Awareness training that will help you do just that! Do you not know which possibilities there are? Or how to start? Following this training will help you gain the information you need.

The training inspires and teaches you what is needed to start appling industry 4.0 within the organisation you work for.

During the training, the interplay between available methodologies and technologies, such as asset management, data science, change management and business considerations are discussed.

Ideal for a low-threshold start and to eventually scale up to more.

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29 April 2022

Managing risk through advanced algorithms

Industry 4.0, whoever knows about it wants to get started! So does a large energy production company in the United Kingdom with over 120 sites across the country, which asked Perfact for help. The question This energy production company was already well on its way. It had already collected several project ideas and it was […]

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9 March 2022

Low costs, maximum results through application of intelligent sensors

The applications within industry 4.0 are numerous. This use case demonstrates this. By collecting and analysing the right data, a certain process can be improved and with the predictions of our algorithms, the right actions can be taken. In this case, we deal with an urgent issue of a steel manufacturer; one of their most […]

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13 January 2022

Ebook Predictive Maintenance from Scratch

In cooperation with Sensorfy we created an ebook that offers a complete framework for implementing predictive maintenance. But why is it important for manufacturers to embrace industry 4.0 in their assets and start implementing predictive maintenance? The developers of the ebook, Maurice Jilderda, Specialist Industry 4.0 at Perfact and Frank den Ridder, Business Development at […]

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