Jean, Karina and Dominique are Perfact

28 January 2021

In January 2020, Jean and Karina Peters-Jeurissen already became part of Perfact Group through the acquisition of PetersJeurissen Coaching & Consultancy. Through the acquisition of the company LTV-Training, Dominique Grosjean also joined Perfact Group with the start of this new year. With his knowledge and skills in the area of coaching and training, he is a valuable addition to what Karina and Jean, with the Peters-Jeurissen Method, already do for our customers. Together they are the team in the field of coaching and management consultancy to contact. We like to introduce them to you.

Our coaches

Our coaches have built up an extensive experience in various sectors and fields with each their own expertise. Jean and Karina have been a team for quite some time, professionally as well as privately. Karina has built her career in the public sector and Jean in the private sector. With the addition of Dominique, a third background is added, as he has been able to contribute to the Ministry of Defence for more than 19 years.

The combination of these backgrounds ensures that everyone contains their own drive and expertise. Karina has great empathy and therewith creates a safe environment, characteristic for her approach is that she is able to connect meeting, discovering and developing with thinking, feeling and acting. Karina is a specialist in personal coaching, team coaching, executive search, management consultancy and career management activities. Jean’s working methods are based on mutual respect, trust and openness. This results in a profound relationship in (personal) coaching, team coaching, executive search, management consultancy and career management activities. Dominique’s passion is coaching executives, educators and/or trainers and over the years he has gained extensive knowledge in the ‘Experience Learning’ method.

Make the difference

The range of services and expertise within Perfact Coaching and Management Consultancy is extensive and in combination with using the tried and tested PeterJeurissen method, we are always able to provide tailor-made solutions for our clients. No one method is leading in this. “With the arrival of Dominique and the specializations and experience he brings, we can offer a broader and more targeted package to our clients and make a bigger difference,” says Karina.

Dominique adds: “Especially the combination of hard and soft skills that we can offer makes our approach unique but also sustainable, the deployment of our coaching program is effective for years to come.”

“With our coaching and management consultancy programs we work on the development of people, individually but also as a team. At Perfact we also consider this development important and it is therefore also applied to our own employees. In addition we are part of a larger organisation and have the possibility to look further than only coaching and management consultancy. There might be other problems within an organisation that also need attention and we at Perfact can make a difference”, says Jean.

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