Cookbook Smart Maintenance: the recipe for scaling up projects


22 November 2021

As a member of World Class Maintenance (WCM), the network for smart maintenance in the Netherlands, Perfact Group participates in various activities to apply more and more predictable maintenance in the manufacturing and process industry. This is done by developing, spreading and applying smart maintenance knowledge.

Projects within WCM contribute to a prolonged asset life, to a better mobility, to the necessary energy transition, to knowledge development and to the competitive position of the Netherlands.


One of the innovation projects is the Fieldlab ‘SAMEN’, which stands for Smart Maintenance Enabled Business. The SAMEN project makes the link between technical and social innovations and focuses on the question of HOW to implement technical Smart Maintenance innovations in the chain. “Our common goal is to achieve 100% predictable maintenance in the manufacturing and process industry. This can only be achieved with new earning and organisational models. But knowledge development and sharing is just as important. One of the themes within SAMEN is the upscaling of Smart Maintenance. Within this knowledge product, we have drawn up a cookbook containing various recipes for upscaling,” says Maurice Jilderda, Management Consultant Industry 4.0 at Perfact and, in this capacity, the initiator of one of the knowledge products at Fieldlab SAMEN.

Cookbook offers tools

“We notice in the field that companies often find it easy to start a pilot project in the context of predictable maintenance, but it only becomes challenging when such projects need to be scaled up,” Maurice continues.

To help companies scale up these projects, a cookbook has been put together that offers tools to help with this. In the video Maurice explains how this works exactly. (Only available in Dutch).

Optimise with Perfact

“It is nice to contribute with my knowledge to the knowledge product ‘Scaling up in Smart Maintenance’ in the Cookbook. For me, this is daily business and I help our partners, from Perfact, to implement industry 4.0 applications in order to improve processes and ultimately the business results”, says Maurice.

For many companies, industry 4.0 is still an unattainable catch-all term, for these organisations we offer a Perfact Industry 4.0 scan, which makes an analysis to see where an organisation stands today and where the opportunities lie. This is a good step in the first Industry 4.0 direction. Subsequently, a business case can be drawn up and we help to make the right selections that are also realistic.

“Of course, there are organisations that are already much further ahead. Here, too, optimisation can be carried out, for example, in order to scale up and predict maintenance even further. Often, impact can only be achieved after a certain degree of scaling up”, concludes Maurice.

Do you also want to scale up? Then come and cook with us!


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