Estuary Wessem cleaner after jointed clean-up campaign

20 September 2021

Last weekend, over 41,000 volunteers in the Netherlands cleaned up litter as part of World Cleanup Day. And not only in the Netherlands people participated. Last Saturday volunteers in more than 180 countries rolled up their sleeves in the fight against litter.

With the devastation of the floods in Limburg still in mind, the forces were combined and employees, family members and other stakeholders of the companies Perfact, HAAN Industrial Group and ProfCore went into nature last Saturday to collect (plastic) waste and thus contribute to a cleaner world.

The common thread in the cooperation between the three companies is the investment in the next generation. Where we previously worked together focused on the knowledge of the future, we have now joined forces in the field of sustainability. With our joint participation in World Cleanup Day, we want to set a good example and dedicate ourselves to nature.

During the cleanup campaign of about 3 hours at the estuary in Wessem, more than 50 bags full of (plastic) waste, as well as other large pieces of waste were collected. And by the efforts of many, this piece of nature was left behind a little cleaner. Afterwards, the day ended with a nice drink and snack!

We thank all volunteers of the three companies and a selection of Snackpoint Eaters for their commitment and contribution. Through this way we invite everyone to reserve Saturday, September 17, 2022 in their agenda, because we will participate again!

Because only with everyone’s commitment, the next generation can continue to make a difference!


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