Our first offer is always black!


18 October 2021

What’s that…? I hear you think. Of course it’s one of the few things we can offer you in black. A cup of coffee. Made with freshly ground beans from Blanche Dael in Maastricht. Firm and full of character, with a powerful body. Although the taste of the coffee fits our culture, the rest of our business is anything but black. We make the difference in several areas.

Duty of control

“… because our accountant tells us to do it”. It’s a common excuse, and to be honest, I do it myself sometimes.

But what is the real reason?

Through creative entrepreneurship, Perfact has grown into a flexible organisation in which everyone can develop and grow. Ranks and positions play no role in our vision to make the difference together, based on trust in each other. Thanks to these core values, but also to hard work, Perfact meets two of the three criteria of the legal obligation to audit, because of its continuous growth. So, in the past few months, the Register Accountant came into the picture.

There is a higher degree of certainty when the accountant signs off on an audit assignment than on a composition assignment, when only the annual accounts are compiled. However, when auditing the annual accounts, shareholders, banks or other stakeholders know that the figures are really correct. Because more detailed work is carried out and the financial statements meets more requirements.

The obligation to audit is often experienced as a burden, as it is in our case. Everything is examined and questioned. Our working method with joint tasks, ownership, responsibilities and, in addition, the high degree of trust, suddenly appears not to be ‘good’ enough. We need to reorganise our processes somewhat and it is becoming increasingly necessary to apply more physical checks and balances.

By reorganising tasks, efficiency gains are made possible and a continuous improvement process is started. This limits the risk of (un)intentional errors.

Together with our accountant, we have now completed a successful audit assignment. This outcome, in combination with our NEN-4400-1 and SNA certifications, confirms once again that Perfact is a good partner with whom you can make a difference!

The cup of coffee remains black, our culture remains familiar, our way of doing business is more professional.


Coppe Sturmans

As Director of Perfact Group
Coppe regularly shares his vision on entrepreneurship
and/or matters that concern him on a daily basis.


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