Perfact bike team

24 April 2020

Maarten De Proost has provided our colleagues Andy, Mathijs and Ryan in Antwerp with new Perfact bikes! This not only allows them to reach the various plant parts of our customers more quickly, but also more safely to make recordings and perform inspections.

They are still looking for colleagues! Take a look here for our current vacancies, or contact us for an introductory meeting or call.


3 May 2021

Project Integration Management: A successful project

Projects are complex. There are many different components that need to be managed. Keeping track of everything and knowing how one factor affects another can be challenging. If not done properly, this can lead to the failure of a project. Project Integration Management is the coordination of all elements in a project. This includes coordinating […]

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23 March 2021

Tim is Perfact

Tim Adriaans, has been working for Perfact for almost a year as Account Manager for the Southern Netherlands. Despite the fact that he started during the corona period, which is not always easy, he managed very well and is of great value to our customers and (new) employees. He would like to introduce himself further. […]

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25 February 2021

Theoretical and practical experience leads to more quality

Project management and Turnaround management are areas of expertise that are the core of the Perfact business. These are areas of expertise we are proud of, because since Perfact was founded in 2004 we have gained a lot of experience in these areas. Theoretical experience, but especially a lot of experience in practice. It satisfies […]

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