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13 September 2022

We are proud! Proud of our new Perfact Career website on which we have recently been working hard behind the scenes! A website which really tells our story and gives you an idea of what it is like to work for Perfact. What opportunities we as Perfact offer in terms of development and what value you can add as a person.

Because, working for Perfact means developing yourself both on a professional level (hard skills) and on a personal level (soft skills). Insight and knowledge in various disciplines are essential. Not only to serve our clients, but we also find it important to invest in knowledge. This way, our colleagues develop themselves further and also which leads to another step in their career.

We definitely invite you to take a look.

How can we make the difference for your organization?

I will be happy to connect you with our specialists in your sector.

Coppe Sturmans



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25 May 2023

Meet the team: Roel and Jilke

We continue with the introduction of our account teams. Perfact operates with approximately 180 employees across various regions. For the past few years, we have been actively working to establish a presence in the North-West Netherlands region. In this region, the dynamic account team of Roel and Jilke is ready to assist you. Let’s quickly […]

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18 April 2023

6 questions for… Pablo

Perfact now employs some 200 people. All at different clients, with different functions and within different departments and sectors. This time we introduce you to Pablo Scheepe, 51 years old and working as a work planner at Pre Zero Roosendaal. Hey Pablo, why did you actually pick Perfact as your employer? My former employer always […]

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11 April 2023

NEN4400: small print, big impact

NEN4400, three letters and four numbers that may not immediately mean something to everyone, especially to people outside the Netherlands. Nevertheless, as a consultancy and secondment organisation, we are very happy to have ‘passed’ this standard again with flying colours. Below, we explain why this is so important to us. There are already 34,000 types […]

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