Perfact in Process in Toronto

25 October 2019

At the moment we are looking at an unexplained production problem for a customer in Toronto. The goal is to take a closer look at this issue, to investigate the possible causes and to find out.

We do this by intensively investigating the production process with a multidisciplinary team over a period of one week. The team consists of members of the production, QA, machine builder, the customer and Perfact in the role of the Lean Six Sigma Black belt and seal specialist. In consultation, we have drawn up an action plan in which our starting point is ‘measuring is knowing’. A number of measurements are then installed on the production line. During these measurements, we collect data that provide insights and with which we can carry out experiments to simulate and exclude a number of causes.

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1 November 2022

Sittard-Geleen municipality goes Lean

Every organisation has this one issue that they struggle with. They know that “we need to do something with this”, but just don’t know where to start. Perfact consultancy focuses on these kinds of optimisation processes. We tackle these issues through a well-defined method called ‘Lean six sigma’. We look beyond knowledge and systems; the […]

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18 October 2022

From traditional to LEAN management

In terms of management, some organisations are still in their ‘comfort zone’.  They tackle issues the way they have always done, because basically… that’s just the way they do it. As long as that accounts for the desired results and works for the team: fine. But what if a problem or matter comes their way […]

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23 June 2022

Development of our colleagues is key

With no less than 7 different types of training courses or workshops, 13 training days and 81 participants, our Lean Six Sigma team has not been idle lately. The trainings took place for both external clients and our own colleagues. We find it important to invest in the development of our colleagues, so that they […]

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