Perfact officially accredited for Lean Six Sigma training program

2 February 2021

Months of hard work has paid off! We are proud to announce that our Lean Six Sigma Training Program is officially accredited by the leading accreditation institute LCS (Lean Competency System). This allows Perfact to offer a unique concept as one of the few organizations in the south of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany whereby the theoretical quality is guaranteed and connects to the reality in practice. The way in which the training courses are structured in combination with our own project experience and knowledge it contributes and applies to the acquired knowledge. This is how we, as an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), make the difference for our own employees but also for our customers.

Make the difference

“An LCS certificate is not only proof of the theoretical competence, but also the practical competence. Thanks to the combined approach of LCS and our experience in Lean consultancy, we can offer an exceptional training program. The training courses are focused on the practical application of Lean methodologies,” said Bas Mooij, Lean Sigma Master Black Belt at Perfact Group.
“The training system is designed to support continuous improvement. Something we, at Perfact, strive for every day. This is how we work together on sustainable process development at companies and organizations. This is why LCS as an accreditation institute is such a good fit for us,” continues Bas Mooij.

We not only offer the traditional LEAN training courses of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt, but also a practical Problem Solving training and a specially developed LEAN Manager training. This training is especially designed for managers with a focus on ‘LEAN thinking’ and improving the problem solving capabilities within their departments and/or organization. After the training the manager will be able to manage the transformation from traditional management to ‘LEAN management’ and create a learning environment.

Unique investment

“This accreditation is a great milestone that we have worked hard for. It shows and guarantees the quality we deliver to our customers and our own employees. Through this and similar investments we continue to professionalize and work on our areas of expertise. This allows us to continue to make the difference now and in the future”, says Coppe Sturmans, Managing Director at Perfact Group.

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