Project Resource Management: all resources needed to achieve objectives

5 August 2021

Often, when managing resources within a project, the project leader only thinks of the executive resources, such as mechanics, electricians, painters, bricklayers or cranes. However, Project Resource Management also includes the supporting resources for the project, such as buyers, forwarding agents, planners, trainers, guards, (technical) specialists and many more. The resources, which a project needs for a successful execution sometimes looks like a bottomless pit. Nowadays, project leaders spend most of their time on Resource Management, because properly staffing a project is one of the success factors for achieving the project’s objectives. The objectives can be as good as they are, if there are no resources to achieve them, the project is unachievable in advance.

Deployment of resources and staffing

It is important to carefully think about the resources and staffing needed for the project in advance and record this in a Project Resource Management plan, which is part of the overall Project Management Plan. This will ensure that the most qualified people or resources are deployed at the right time.

The next step is to properly estimate how many of the various resources are needed and then acquire them. A good description of the resources is very important here. A description of the tasks, authority and responsibilities of project staff can be a good tool as well as good specifications for the use of physical resources, such as cranes, work platforms, tools and so on.

The project team

In addition to describing the required resources and people, it is important to supervise the people who will be part of the project team during each phase of the project. Not all team members or resources will be used from the start of the project. The deployment of team members is incremental because each time the team is adjusted it goes through a number of stages, as described in Tuckman’s stages of group formation. Team building activities or coaching, are often good tools to let a group of individuals, with each of their own capabilities, grow into a strong and smooth running team.

Project Management = Perfact

“Perfact ensures that the project runs smoothly and that the resources are up to date by working with the most skilled and experienced project managers. In addition, we have numerous project employees available in various roles and grades who can flawlessly support the project team,” said Fred Hut, Regional Manager for the Netherlands.

“Because we are an all-round management and consultancy organization, our integral approach also allows us to look beyond resource planning. For example, we can use our Human Development department to deploy team activities or coaching to help the team grow into that strong and smooth running team. Where appropriate, our Perfact Academy contributes to the proper training of team members. In this way, we help organisations and people move forward. Every day again”, finishes Fred.

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