Successful Lean Training provided to Thomas Regout International B.V.

15 March 2021

The first Lean Six Sigma Green Belt trainings have been provided by Perfact to a multidisciplinary team of Thomas Regout International B.V., market leader in telescopic slides, located in Maastricht. Both parties are satisfied with the course of the training, the candidates were very enthusiastic and the end results are good!

“In 2014 we started a large-scale internal project to redesign the primary process of our organization, in order to compete with the competition and be ready for the future. In addition to this improvement effort, the development and integration of qualities of our employees is an important priority, which is why we started implementing the Lean Maturity Matrix in September 2019. In four phases, we want to grow into a Lean as well as an Agile organization, with the goal of preparing the organization and its employees Fit for the Future,” says Daniel Kappes, Operations Director Thomas Regout International B.V.

“Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the training we started in September 2019 could not be completed. Through a former employee of Perfact, we got in touch with Niels Dullens, Account Manager and Bas Mooij, Lean Sigma Master Black Belt at Perfact Group and it clicked from day one,” Daniel continues.

“When we received the question from Thomas Regout International B.V., we did a gap analysis based on the information we obtained to see what the status quo was and how we could further shape the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. Fortunately, as an accredited Lean training organization, we have the ability and flexibility to tailor the training to the wishes of the customer and we looked at how we could organize this during the corona crisis,” says Bas.

Perfact’s Lean Six Sigma training courses are designed to focus on the practice. “The theory is explained in a structured way, whereby it is always translated into practice. This makes it easier to understand and apply the theory. We had to cover a lot of material in a short time, but there was no overkill of information and it was easy to master. Despite the pandemic, it was possible to follow the training physically in a pleasant and safe environment,” says Maud Amkreutz, participant from Thomas Regout International B.V.

In addition to the practice-oriented design of our Lean training courses, we can also draw on our own practical experience gained from our customers’ projects. “An additional advantage is that Bas, as an experienced Lean coach, also gives a part of practical guidance to the participants of the training. Hereby they are guided and coached in their Lean projects in their own working environment where they can apply the theoretical knowledge. That is a great added value for our customer and where we really can make a difference”, Niels indicates.

“You do not just start a process like this and it is important to first define the goal and its’ needed resources, in order to grow from a reactive to a proactive organization. For this we need to understand what our bottleneck processes are. That is why I am happy that we were able to continue the training with Perfact and I am convinced that with our team, who all passed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with an average result of 87%, we can successfully build on our change process”, concludes Daniel.


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