Talent development programme Municipality of Maastricht launched

25 October 2022

From the Maastricht municipality, a group of selected talents have started the Talent Development Programme (TDP). The programme runs from 2022-2024 and is dedicated to ‘Together with pleasure for Maastricht’. The aim of this programme is to allow the talents to grow personally and to contribute to the organisational development of the Municipality of Maastricht. Our Human Development department will supervise the programme in by means of individual and group coaching.

Based on their mission and vision, the Municipality of Maastricht has initiated a culture change process. The municipality drew up the most important change goals: being agile, looking at the bigger picture and working integrally. The TDP programme will contribute to this, by encouraging, inspiring and challenging the talents in particular to get the best out of themselves and grow further. “The talent programme is a flywheel for a new impulse within the organisation,” adds Joes Minis, one of the participating talents.

The programme

During the first part of the programme, awareness of personal learning goals and the group profile are central. “To gain insight into this, we work with different types of methods and techniques,” indicates Karina Peters-Jeurissen, one of Perfact’s accompanying transformation coaches. “We don’t work with off-the-shelf ready-made packages, we always apply customisation as we master many different types of techniques. In this case, the Odin Development Compas (ODC) will be one of the techniques we apply in the initial phase. Through this method, unconscious drives also come to the surface”.  The initial phase ensures that it becomes clear what each participant needs to grow further and what he or she will work on.

Together for Maastricht

In addition, the talents will work on group assignments centered on certain themes within the municipality, such as climate, quality of life, labour market, economy and other issues in which the entrepreneur and resident of Maastricht play an important role. “In the beginning, it is mainly group formation that is important. There has to be a proper connection between them to achieve the goals. Transparency and openness are the core values here, by the way, throughout the process. And also during the group assignments, individual development is worked on with attention to personal leadership within a group,” Jean Peters, the other accompanying transformation coach from Perfact, indicates.

Last week was the kick-off of this programme, where 16 enthusiastic talents are now eager to get started ‘Together with Pleasure for Maastricht’.

Last year, a group of talents from the municipality of Sittard-Geleen also started a Talent Development Programme coached from Perfact, among others.


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Karina Peters-Jeurissen Senior Transformation Coach and Management Consultant


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