Team coaching: “We keep doing, what we do”

10 August 2021

The strength of our Perfact Human Development coaches is that they stay close to themselves. They approach projects openly and in a no-nonsense way, without ulterior motives, without frills. Just from person to person. Everything can be discussed, it has to be, but there is also room for it.

Team coaching programs are sometimes intense and not always easy. But they do have a common goal: moving forward together.

It always turns out, that at the end of such programs, the participants experience the outcome as pleasant. There is more respect among the team, they work more efficiently and they know each other’s qualities better. In other terms, the team grows closer, develops more and therefore performs better.

“To achieve this we deploy, during the process, different methods and techniques. This is always a tailor-made package. Every team is different and needs a different approach,” says Karina.

“But the main thing is that we just do what we do, in an accessible way with mutual respect. Sometimes it appears during a project that there are other needs within a team, then we can always adjust our approach. We also have the same goal: to move forward together,” says Jean.

Our Human Development department recently completed a team coaching project within a large municipality. “Afterwards, we always ask for feedback from the participants to see where we can still improve. It is very nice to receive back; Just keep doing what you are doing”, says Karina.

We are proud and grateful of the feedback we received from the other participants. We would like to share a selection with you:

“I move through my team with more relaxation. I notice that I can contribute to the team process by being present, listening to my feelings and speaking out.”

“I have a much nicer picture of who is good at what than before and we already look specifically at competencies. Expectations back and forth are better expressed. We have made a serious start on determining what we stand for in the future. We consult each other more effectively. I have experienced the process as very pleasant”.

“Karina and Jean have a broad knowledge of team building processes and mechanisms. Thanks to them we have gained a better insight into ourselves and each other. Our noses are much more in the same direction than before. We have highlighted and addressed many issues in a relatively short time.”

“What has clearly emerged is what we as a team are strong in and where our pitfalls lie. Because we are aware of this, we can all stay on track better. I experienced the program as a great gift.”

“We received useful tools to work faster and more efficiently with each other. Pleasant team coaching with very experienced coaches who used many tools and methodologies to get as much out of it as possible. Thank you for all the insights and the visual way you discuss things!”

“We have grown as a team and gained clarity on each other’s qualities and development points. We have more respect for each other. The course was very good and motivating. I am very satisfied with the involvement of Jean and Karina and their flexible attitude. For example, at one point the program completely changed to meet the needs of our team.”


Does your team also need help to grow and move forward together? Then contact us without obligation and who knows, your team might just go through such a successful process.


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