Recap World Cleanup Day

24 September 2021

We look back on a successful World Cleanup Day, in which we were able to contribute to a cleaner world by joining forces.

Besides a fantastic day, our efforts have also paid off. We collected more than 50 bags full of (plastic) waste, as well as other large pieces of waste. All this in cooperation with our partners HAAN Industrial Group, ProfCore and a selection of Snackpoint Eaters. A word of thanks goes to Natuurmonumenten for taking care of this.

Next year we will participate again! In this way we remain committed to nature and continue to set a good example. Because only with everyone’s commitment the next generation can continue to make a difference!



20 September 2021

Estuary Wessem cleaner after jointed clean-up campaign

Last weekend, over 41,000 volunteers in the Netherlands cleaned up litter as part of World Cleanup Day. And not only in the Netherlands people participated. Last Saturday volunteers in more than 180 countries rolled up their sleeves in the fight against litter. With the devastation of the floods in Limburg still in mind, the forces […]

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9 September 2021

HAAN Industrial Group, Perfact and ProfCore join forces during World Cleanup Day

On September 18, it is World Cleanup Day. In a short time, this day took on a totally different meaning. Thousands of inhabitants of Limburg in the Meuse basin saw their homes, stores, streets or even entire neighborhoods flooded at the end of July. Of course we still sympathize with those affected and see that […]

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