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The automotive industry consists of a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, production, marketing, and sale of motor vehicles.

Perfact is the leading specialist in using the available data and information in the right way and applying this in the mix of production, automation, and human performance development.
We connect Lean Six Sigma and data analysis with process development, product development, organizational development, and personnel development.
By collecting and linking specific data, we can identify anomalies and perform predictive analyses, enabling further development into predictive maintenance.

Businesses & Expertises

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics

  • Strategical & Tactical Consultancy

  • Projectmanagement & Turnarounds

  • Coaching & Management Consultancy

  • Recruitment & Search

Strategical & Tactical Consultancy

Our customers find themselves in a continuously challenging market. Stated requirements and changing circumstances force us to adapt or restructure. New markets offer new opportunities. Regulations and risks require a response. Perfact Insight offers an intelligent, tailor-made approach.
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Safety Management Consultancy

Functional Safety identifies potentially dangerous situations or events that can lead to accidents with direct consequences for people, the environment and finances.

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Quality Management Consultancy

The Perfact consultants have extensive experience in the field of Quality Management. They combine in-depth knowledge and experience with standard and process requirements for both R&D organisations and manufacturers.

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Strategy Development

Where managers strive for stability, leaders strive for sustainability. Only organizations that manage both aspects will be able to seize opportunities and avoid risks in today's dynamic times.

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Operational Excellence

The aim of Operational Excellence is to bring reliability to the customer to the highest possible level.

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Lean Six Sigma

We go a step further and connect Lean Six Sigma and data analysis with process development, product development, organizational development and employee development.

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SAP Consultancy

SAP is the most sold ERP system worldwide. Not only industry, but also hospitals and healthcare organizations use SAP software.

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Optimal procurement departments act as value-creating partners that make a substantial contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of core processes. Whereas in the past procurement was seen as a service organization, it is now an inseparable part of the value creation chain.

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