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Consumer Products

The consumer industry is part of the secondary sector and includes the direct sale of products to the general public. This sector includes the automotive industry and high-tech industries such as manufacturers of electronic devices.

In an era of constantly changing market conditions, manufacturers of consumer goods need to rethink their strategy and production. Perfact supports companies in the secondary sector in digitizing, transforming, and reaching the always-on consumer. Together with the client, we search for smart and practical solutions and we support them to become more competitive and fit for the future.

Our team of specialists offers an integrated service to clients throughout the value chain, from raw materials to the end user. We know and understand the challenges you face in terms of product and service innovation, talent, business models, and opportunities in emerging markets.

Businesses & Expertises

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics

  • Strategical & Tactical Consultancy

  • Projectmanagement & Turnarounds

  • Coaching & Management Consultancy

  • Recruitment & Search

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