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Fluctuating global commodity prices, changing international and regional law, our global footprint and lots of innovations demand the need for smart, strategic thinking. We help mining, metals, forest products and building materials companies make the difference in order to become safer and sustainable.
Production chain independent, from extraction until completion.

Our experienced and passionate experts help you make critical decisions about strategy, performance improvement and organization. Together with our certified project managers, engineers and specialist they are able to support businesses from advisory till implementation.

With our expertise of well-known and proven improvement methods, in-house developed programs and knowledge about state of the art innovations we are able to tackle industry-wide challenges like digital disruption changing everything we do or protection our precious environment.

We are helping our customers so they are able to help their customers better.

Businesses & Expertises

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics

  • Strategical & Tactical Consultancy

  • Projectmanagement & Turnarounds

  • Coaching & Management Consultancy

  • Recruitment & Search

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